Monday, November 8, 2010

Schedule of a 2L: classes I am taking in 2011

When I decided to go to law school at the University of Louisville two years ago, I filled my head with fanciful visions of elective courses that focused on esoteric subjects such as water rights and international legal history. Halfway into my three-year tour of duty, I can say that my course lineup is interesting, but my goal is much more single-minded. I need to pass the bar. There are no majors in law school, and while it's OK to focus on a favorite area, it's also important (more important, in my view) to select classes that will help you pass the bar when you graduate. With that in mind, here is my schedule for the spring.

  • Constitutional Law (the second half of a year-long course)
  • Decedents' Estates (the study of what to do with grandma's piano when she dies, i.e., wills, estates, fiduciary administration, etc. I see this as a class that every law student should take; at the very least, I want to be able to prepare a simple will for a friend or family member) 
  • Basic Income Tax (the bane of law school for most students, and not a topic that I want to try to learn while cramming for the bar)
  • Trial Practice (my most anticipated class so far; offers actual experience in preparing for and presenting all phases of civil and criminal litigation, from voir dire -- the fancy name for questioning the jury pool -- to examining witnesses and handling opening and closing statements) 
  • Law Review (second half of a year-long commitment; worth one credit hour; great way to take care of the writing requirement for graduation)
Prospective law students should keep in mind that, at U of L and at most law schools, you can't pick your classes until your second year. After that, you can swing for the fences, as long as you cover your core subject areas, fulfill the writing requirement, and take at least one "perspective" class. Want to see what other courses are available for upper-level law students at Louisville? You can click here to check out the full schedule.

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