Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Final exams by the numbers

My first final of the fall semester is exactly 13 days away. Other significant numbers in my life right now: 

2,200: approximate number of pages in textbooks for which I will be responsible on my final exams. 

734: number of exceptions to the hearsay doctrine in the Federal Rules of Evidence. OK, not that many. But it seems like it.

101: total number of combined pages of typed notes in my outlines.

78: number of hours that I will study before the first final if I put in six hours each day.

50: percentage of law school that I will have completed when finals are over in a few weeks

42: estimated number of days until the law school releases our final grades 

4: number of minutes spent leafing through Erwin Chemerinsky's constitutional law hornbook before realizing that I don't have time to read all 1,200 pages before the final. 

3: number of other people in my family who deserve attention and love during finals

2: number of times I have tried and failed to understand the process of cumulative voting for my Business Organizations class. 

0: number of final exams that I am feeling really great about right now, a.k.a. stop blogging, Alex, and go study.

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