Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lawlapalooza: battle of the bands is tonight

The annual Lawlapalooza charity event will be held tonight at Phoenix Hill Tavern, at the corner of Broadway and Baxter Avenue. The event, according to the school's Web site, is the "Louisville legal community's annual battle of the bands, staged since 2005, to benefit the Judge Ellen B. Ewing Foundation. The fund provides up to $4,000 in summer fellowship funding for a University of Louisville law student to work in the areas of family law, domestic violence and spouse abuse, and HIV/AIDS." 

The Subconscionables

I attended last year's Lawlapalooza, in which a band of law students scored a sweet victory over a group of attorneys (probably the only time that will happen). Dean Jim Chen also did an amazing flying leap onto the dance floor that was vaguely reminiscent of the music video from Jump by Eddie Van Halen (memo to self: you're getting really old). At any rate, the fun starts at 6:30, lasts well into the night, and includes performances by bands with names such as 100% Legal, the Subconscionables, and the Fiduciaries. If that doesn't sound awesome, you need to sign up for awesome lessons.

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