Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top 10 signs you may be a non-traditional law student at the University of Louisville

One of the nice things about a small law school is that you get to know all of the other students. And one of the nice things about Louisville, at least in my opinion, is that people of all backgrounds and ages are treated equally. As a 34-year-old college student, I appreciate this on a daily basis. So, without further ado, here is the latest Top Ten List: Signs you may be a non-traditional law student. Special thanks to Liam Felsen, Nancy Vinsel, Hollyn Richardson, and others who contributed ideas.

10. When at the Rock Band competition at Orientation, you ask if there is an acoustic guitar. 

9. You are the only person at Chuck E. Cheese who is reading the Federal Rules of Evidence. 

8. Your kids are sitting outside class in the hallway playing on your iPhone because you couldn't find a babysitter.

7. When you go to the SAC to play pickup basketball, you consider it a victory when you are picked last, score no points, but don't sprain your ankle.

6. Other people say that your decision to attend law school is an "inspiration" to them.

5. You remember when Jerry Abramson was not the mayor of Louisville. 

4. Your law school friends are younger than your son's MBA friends

3. You show up for Orientation and another fellow student remarks that "you must be so proud of your son today."

2. You are invited to go to the Granville on Thursday night, and you can't because your back hurts.

1. You are, literally, the one person NOT on Facebook during class.

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