Friday, September 10, 2010

Photo of the Week: On-Campus Interview schedule

Today's photo of the week may be visually boring, but this interview sheet is a conspicuous reminder of the competitive, and often nerve-wracking, nature of law school. These sheets are posted on various doors throughout the first floor of the school on days when employers visit campus to interview students. The process is sort of like speed dating. Typically, about a dozen students engage in separate, rapid-fire 20-minute interviews with one or two lawyers from the firm. Perhaps two or three of those students are selected for "callback" interviews, from which usually one person is offered a plum summer job. The number of employers participating in the so-called OCI process (On-Campus Interviews) for 2Ls increased significantly this year compared to our 1L year. I'm told that upper-level students generally have a better chance of landing a job through OCI. It's also nice to know that most decisions (at least at the larger firms) for the following summer will be made in the next few weeks. If I'm not able to score a job through OCI, that will give me plenty of time to network with smaller firms and solo lawyers. Got an OCI story of your own, or a question about the interview process? Share it in the comment field below.

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