Friday, October 1, 2010

Oct. 1: day of symmetry for U of L Law

The latest Photo of the Week is a shot that I took a few days ago of the front of the law school. I picked this image because the columns seem to reflect the startling symmetry of Oct. 1, 2010 -- the first day that applications are being accepted for the 2011 entering class, and also the day that last year's graduates received their scores from the Kentucky Bar Exam.

For the first group, there is a long road ahead simply to get here. The current 1L class of 143 students (out of 1,769 applicants) posted LSAT scores of 155 and 160 at the 25th and 75th percentiles, respectively. That's pretty good for a very difficult test, and slightly ahead of recent years.

And if you were part of the second group, today was arguably one of the most important days of your life. I talked to a close friend who took the bar in July -- a guy who was always calm under pressure, a veritable Cool Hand Luke of law school -- and he said the anxiety was almost indescribable. "Way worse than checking on exam scores," he told me, adding that his hands were shaking as he scrolled down the screen to find his number on the pass list. It was there. And before long he was at O'Shea's with his buddies, hoisting cold ones on a crisp fall afternoon with the future spread out before him like a carpet of leaves. They all deserve it.

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