Wednesday, April 14, 2010

U of L rankings drop confirmed

I have confirmed the accuracy of the US News numbers posted earlier today. So, what does this mean? For many students, it won't mean much at all. Especially if U of L returns to the Top 100 a year from now or two years from now. Critics of the rankings system also say they are largely meaningless, and do not reflect the quality of the education provided by a specific school. But especially for students who plan to practice outside Louisville, a prolonged hiatus from the Top 100 will make it more difficult to find jobs. For better or worse, some employers value a law degree from a Top 100 school more than they do for a so-called Tier 3 institution. Louisville is one of seven schools that dropped out of the Top 100 this year.

We took a hit because the 1L class, of which I am a member, posted a slightly lower median LSAT score compared to the previous year. The school's student-to-faculty ratio also increased a bit, although our employment rate and bar passage results remained very solid. I have already spoken with two students in our class who said they would seriously consider the new ranking as a factor in whether they will transfer schools this summer. I hope that doesn't happen.


  1. What happened? Wasn't Dean Chen supposed to help our rating? I don't think the rating means much in reality, but it's still very disappointing.