Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brandeis, final exams, and animal crackers

I tossed a quarter this morning on the memorial (at right) for Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, who is buried just outside the front doors of the law school. For years, law students at U of L have placed coins on Brandeis' grave site during exams. If you are feeling really unprepared, or believe in lots of luck, you might place a box of animal crackers on the stone (Brandeis loved animal crackers). Anyway, we have now finished three of our finals, and there are two more to go -- Property this morning, and Civil Procedure on Friday. It's a grueling marathon, but the end is in sight. And when we finish, there will only be one day to go before the Kentucky Derby. Sort of ironic. The fastest two minutes in sports will arrive just after what has to be the longest year of our lives.

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