Thursday, April 8, 2010

From real world, a sign of hope for U of L grads

Pop quiz: what percentage of U of L Law students from the class of 2009 were gainfully employed nine months after graduation?

  • A) 85 percent
  • B) 60 percent
  • C) 50 percent
  • D) 35 percent

The answer, actually, is none of the above. It's 98.1 percent, according to the results of a survey that the school recently conducted, and which will be compiled here with results from other schools. The local numbers (I got a sneak peak at them) are up from previous years, and they reflect, in part, U of L's position as a small school in a relatively large city with a solid number of law jobs.

But aren't these surveys voluntary, and isn't it true that the students without jobs typically are less likely to respond? Perhaps, but out of 113 students, the data in this year's survey include results from 109 students. The other four, I am told, did not pass the bar. Also true, however, is that the survey does not chart job satisfaction. It's a fair statement that not all of these students will be earning $97,000 a year at firms like this one. In fact, of the 107 students who reported having jobs as of this winter, more than half were at firms with two to ten attorneys.

Another 24 percent were working for the government, and 17 percent were in the "business and industry" category. Students also reported working in 15 states, up from 13 for the previous year's class. For a more detailed look at salary and other information from the survey in previous years, click here.

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  1. I know for a fact that there more than 4 students who either did not pass the bar or did not take it in July.