Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photo of the Week: where I work

The Kentucky Home Life Building
After struggling through an absolutely awful two-hour lecture in Basic Income Tax this morning, I'm feeling much better thanks to a dose of the real world at my part-time job as a law clerk. One of the great things about U of L Law, at least for upper-level students, is that it is not too difficult to find a job as a clerk  during the school year, in addition to the traditional summer clerkship. Louisville has hundreds of downtown law offices just a few miles from campus, including this one, pictured above, where I work in the century-old Kentucky Home Life Building at 5th and Jefferson. It can be tricky to balance even two half-day shifts a week on top of reading, studying, writing papers and other related school stuff. But the real-world experience is great, and it's rewarding to put some of the skills from law school into practice in a setting with actual clients and cases.


  1. Jones Ward, a recent offshoot of Bahe Cook Cantley & Jones.