Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cautionary tales: big Louisville law firm facing lawsuit from former client for alleged negligence

A story on the front page of today's C-J offers a fascinating look at one of the most dreaded experiences a lawyer can face: a lawsuit from his own client. Frost Brown Todd, one of Louisville's largest and most prestigious law firms, is being asked to fork over $93 million to a former client who alleges the firm bungled his case. The details are complicated, but they go straight to the heart of two core law school classes: Contracts, and Professional Responsibility. I won't repeat all of the gory details. To read the story, click here. The link will expire in a few weeks, so check it out now. Note: one of the only things that a Louisville lawyer dreads more than a malpractice suit is a phone call from Jason Riley or Andrew Wolfson, the reporters who did the article. Both are veteran legal writers for the city's largest newspaper, and they've spent much of their careers feasting on the misdeeds of local attorneys.

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