Monday, August 15, 2011

Photo of the Week: first day of law school at U of L

Some of my fellow 3Ls are posting comments on Facebook about today being their last first day of school ever. That's hard to believe, but I'll take it. A year ago, I published a photo of myself wearing a new pair of shoes, along with a post about the mixed feelings I had about the start of the 2L year. There are no mixed emotions this time around. My mantra heading into 3L: get 'er done. But not everyone is in the same boat. To the new 1Ls, I offer you a hearty welcome to U of L Law, personified by the "welcome" sign drawn in chalk in the above photo. To the 2Ls, I offer a reminder that things could be worse, i.e. you could be pushing a broom on a construction site. Actually, for all I know, this guy is probably happier than 90 percent of law students. Either way, keep working, you'll get there.


  1. A warm welcome will relieve freshmen from being pressured on the first day, especially since they've chosen law. You're right. If they just keep working, they can get through it. How about you, how was your first week in school when you started taking up law?

  2. Is this some kind of annual activity? I mean do they welcome the new set of freshmen that way? They’ll find it amusing. And this can boost their morale and help them get used to the school system easily.

  3. A welcome message like this is better if it is widely spread in the campus, and it should be put in the right place, of course. This is kind of unusual. I haven't heard of a law school that welcomes their freshmen that way. Well, it does have that young spirit in it, in a way.