Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good-bye 2L, Hello 3L

It's that time of year. The changing of the guard. For me, one last law school exam stands in the way of becoming a 3L. In a few minutes, I'll sit down at a desk and spend the next three and a half hours writing about the finer points of procedural due process, equal protection, freedom of the press, religion, and other constitutional issues. Then it's on to Kentucky Derby festivities, including a party at our house (see photo of stocked fridge full of beer, at right) after tomorrow's Pegasus Parade
Post-exam supplies
After this week, I'll be blogging only infrequently as I turn my attention to a summer clerkship. If you have specific questions about law school at the University of Louisville, or about procedural due process, or about how to find a killer apartment here in the River City, please don't hesitate to send me an email at I hope you've enjoyed reading 2L at U of L. I am pleased to be faced with the problem of finding a new name for the blog next year. 

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  1. Law school summer by the numbers, as of May 17

    2 -- number of years since I've changed my profile photo on this blog (until today)

    5 -- number of positions available at local Public Defender's office for new hires

    50 -- number of 3Ls allegedly applying for those five jobs

    10 -- number of days until I have to finish reviewing law review applications for this fall.

    239 -- miles I drove yesterday to visit clients for a mass tort case that our law firm is handling this summer.

    415 -- rough number of days until I take the bar exam in 2012, not that I'm counting.

    Hope everyone is having a great summer.