Friday, March 11, 2011

Lawyers, lawyers everywhere: local attorneys profiled in new edition of Louisville Magazine

The latest edition of Louisville Magazine takes an in-depth look at  the city's legal market, and therefore is a must-read for the area's current and prospective law students. There's a fun piece about Darryl Isaacs, a U of L grad who is best known as the "Heavy Hitter" on television (and on billboards, at right). On the more serious side, there's a lengthy article about what it's like to be one of the 62 attorneys who work in the local public defender's office. The upside: incredible experience in a very well respected organization handling high-profile cases. The downside: not as much money as you might make in private practice. The article is a good reminder that money isn't everything when it comes to being happy as a lawyer. Some of the brightest students from U of L Law have joined the public defender's office in recent years. It's also a good place to stay for a few years before launching your own private firm. You can check out the entire magazine, page by page, by clicking on this link.

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