Friday, March 19, 2010

Buy a house, get free law books for a year

The Class of 2013 is taking shape, giving way to a new crop of 1Ls at U of L Law. For those of you who will be looking for housing for the next three years, I have a shameless promotion: buy my house in the wonderful Highlands neighborhood and I'll give you free law books and course outlines for your entire 1L year. I'll also throw in hornbooks and flash cards for each of your core classes, and exam-taking tips. If you haven't purchased a home before, you also may qualify for an $8,000 tax credit if you are under contract by April 30. The house has two large bedrooms, an office, new stainless steel appliances, and seven skylights. Check out the listing here. Lots of law students live in the Highlands, which offers an eclectic mix of local shops, bars, art galleries and restaurants. It's sort of the Haight-Ashbury of Louisville, and sits about four miles from the law school.

Not interested in buying a house? You can rent in the Highlands neighborhood for around $800 to $1,000 for a single-family home with a roommate, or $500-600 for a one-bedroom apartment. If you want to stretch your dollar further, Old Louisville is closer to campus and offers the nation's largest extant collection of Victorian homes. Another solid option is Germantown, where you can rent a shotgun-style home for around $650 a month. Have a question about housing in Louisville? Want to know more about those free law books?

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